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 Courses & Fees

DISU comprises two different periods or courses. Both courses will follow the same structure. Also DISU offers the chance of getting semi-intensive language courses for foreigners (A1, A2 and B1 level).

There are four modalities of participation in DISU 2017:

Modality A: First Course (17-28 July). Registration fee: 280 Euros (including accommodation in DonNTU students residence). 240 Euros without accommodation.

Modality B: Second Course (9-20 August). Registration fee: 280 Euros (including accommodation in DonNTU students residence). 240 Euros without accommodation. 

Modality C: Two courses (17 July-20 August). Registration fee: 390 Euros (including accommodation in DonNTU students residence). 350 Euros without accommodation. 

Modality D: Participation in DISU core activities and special programme focused on learning Russian language (Levels A1, A2, B1) and culture. Those registered in the modality A, B and C may enjoy the opportunity to learn Russian language. We have excellent and experienced teachers that speak Russian, English, Spanish and French. The language course will consist in a semi-intensive programme of 8 hours per week that will not affect the core activities of DISU. The fee for 12 days is 60 euros. For 24 days the fee is 100 euros. All the participants enrolled in the modality D will get a special certificate issued by a language school and/or “Centro Cervantes de Donetsk”.


Those interested in participating in the project can join us at any time and we intend to offer maximum flexibility to potential participants. Both courses will have a similar structure but the specific content (seminars, workshops, lectures, debates) will differ. Thus it will be possible to participate in just one course or both courses. The participants who attend 70% of the academic activities will receive a certificate issued by the organizers. Those who attend less than 70% of the academic activities will receive a certificate that will indicate the number of hours attended.

DISU offers a limited number of scholarships for students, unemployed people and special contributors. The scholarships will consist in a reduction of 50% of the fees. Participants with scholarship will pay 140 Euros (Modality A and B) or 195 Euros (Modality C). 

If you are a student or person without job you should bring with you an original document issued by the academic or labour authorities of your country. Please indicate in your motivation letter that you are student or unemployed person. 

Contributors are persons that are interested in participating as a speaker, lecturer or art performer. Please include in your motivation letter your proposal. The selected DISU contributors will enjoy 50% of discount. You can send us your proposal using the button included at the end of this page. 

Due to the special characteristics of this project, that is not able to get any funds from the EU or international institutions, DISU can not offer scholarships for all the students, unemployed people and contributors. After analysing the CV and the motivation letters of the participants DISU coordination team will choose the ones granted with one of our scholarships.

If you prefer, you can send us your proposal to our mail: donbasswelcomesyou@unseen.is

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