The registration process at DISU 2017 will remain open until June 15, 2017 for those applicants who need to process the visa to enter Russia. For candidates who already have a visa or do not need a visa to enter Russia, the registration deadline ends on June 23, 2017.  For candidates who wish to participate only in modality B (from 2-13 August, 2017), the registration deadline is closed on June 30, 2017However, we encourage those interested in participating to register as soon as possible. One of the criteria that will be assessed when determining the participants in the project is the day when they registered. It should be noted that all candidates, for security reasons, will be evaluated by DISU Coordination Team and also by Donetsk People´s Republic security services. We will individually confirm each candidate's admission to our project as we receive approval from the security services.

All candidates should send us a short CV with a picture. The CV will also include the Facebook, Twitter or Vkontakte profiles. All candidates should send us as well a motivation letter.

In the motivation letter you must explain what motivates you to participate in our project and everything that you consider convenient to explain.

Also all the candidates in the letter of motivation must indicate

1) Modality in which you wish to register (A, B, C or D)

2) Knowledge of the Russian language (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, native)

3) You want to stay in the student residence
a) in shared double room
b) in single room
c) I prefer to stay in a hotel or apartment

4) Do you need any special food? (Halal, vegetarian, gluten

5) Do you have any illness or handicap that you feel may affect your participation in the project?

6) Do you apply for a scholarship? A) student b) unemployed person c) I want to make a contribution.

7) If you want to make a contribution to the project (seminar, workshop, artistic activity), indicate the title of the contribution and give a short description of the activity you want to organize. Also indicate the materials you would need to make your contribution.
The payment for registration in DISU 2017 will be made in cash the day after your arrival in Donetsk. The payment will be made in Euros. If you have been awarded a scholarship for being a student or unemployed person you must prove it by providing original documents issued by the competent authority. The student status can be accredited through the ISIC card.

A model of letter of motivation can be downloaded from this page. Click on the button. You can use your own model if you prefer. 

You can send us as well your motivation letter and CV to our mail:

Motivation Letter
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