Since Donetsk airport was badly damaged in the recent conflict and is not possible to cross safely the area that constitutes the de facto border between Ukraine and Donetsk People’s Republic, the participants have to arrive to Donetsk via Rostov-on-Don. This city is well-connected with the major airports. There are also buses and trains from the major cities of Russia to Rostov-on-Don. 

The selected participants will get information via mail of the meeting point in Rostov-on-Don. DISU will displace a small team to the city that will pick up each participant from the airport or the main bus station and train station. In some cases the participants will spend one or two nights in one or two hostels not far from the bus station. We will indicate via ordinary mail the address of the hostels. We will choose adequate hostels for affordable prices (no more than 12 euros night). We highly recommend stay at least one night in one of the hostels for resting from the long travel you probably did already. If you prefer stay in a hotel we can help you in finding one. But the hostels we will choose for your first night in Rostov will be clean, cheap, close to the bus station and perfect for spending one or two nights.

Our team will help the participants to cross the border between Russia and Donetsk People’s Republic.

For security reasons we can not provide more information on our site. All the selected participants will get detailed information about the venue and transfer from Rostov-on-Don to Donetsk city.


The participants in the project will be hosted at DonNTU student residence. The rooms have private bathroom and shower, refrigerator and TV. But they lack an internet connection. They are simple rooms with two beds and antique and basic furniture. The residence is located in the centre of Donetsk very close to the cathedral and the central market. The residence has two spacious kitchens per floor and has an elevator and cleaning service. Those who prefer it can stay in any of the hotels of the city. There is also a wide range of apartments in Donetsk city centre. The participants who choose to stay in a hotel or apartment will get a discount off the registration fee. Please check this page for detailed DISU registration fees. We ask the applicants to tell us in their motivation letter if they prefer to stay in the students residence or if they prefer to be in a hotel or apartment. Our team can help the participants who wish to find the hotel or apartment that best suits their needs and budget. 

A model of the motivation letter can be downloaded clicking on the button included bellow. 

Motivation Letter

Useful information
Coming to Donetsk is not difficult. You only need to take a flight to Moscow or Rostov-on-Don. From Rostov-on-Don there are many buses to Donetsk. There are also buses from Moscow to Donetsk but the trip takes around 24/30 hours. 

You can find useful information and tips (travel, visas, hotels in Rostov-on-Don and Donetsk, money, taxis, etc..) clicking on the button below. 

DISU Coordination Team will help you in all the process. 
Keep calm and welcome to Donetsk! 

If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us. Our mail is
Useful Information
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